Disclosure Reciprocity

pano31-final-2It’s hard to make out which place I’m referring to in the picture above. Cloudy, foggy, and only a portion of the place can be seen. If you guessed it right, that is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 4 years ago, I attended a student conference in Berkeley which is a few minutes away from the city proper. However, I had ample time to explore and discover San Francisco on my own. At first, I did not expect to fall in love with San Francisco. I did not think highly of this city mainly because of stories from my relatives who did not find it charming as they thought it would be. With no previous background at all , I realized that I was touring this city as it is, as I saw it. Once I got a glimpse of the harbor which was right across these beautiful Victorian bay houses, I was left breathless. It was like a stranger trying to tell his whole life story in one sitting, I was so overwhelmed with what I encountered around the city. I did not expect to dedicate so much attention and effort to go around the city even with the lack of time and budget. Most notably though out of my experiences was my short trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. I have never seen a sight as stunning as a bridge with the San Francisco skyline as the backdrop. I guess I developed a relationship with this city in a matter of days. I always remember the popular thought that in order for you to know something or someone well enough, you need to give something as great in return. This city has been a reminder to me in regards to meeting new people, especially the people, who in one way or another, I have developed feelings for.

With the help of this humanistic approach, I realized that I felt more for the person if I decided to disclose more personal information. Take in to case a girl I met nearly a year ago. She was a crush of mine to start with, but somehow I fell deeper for her when I decided that I would befriend her. As good friends, it was inevitable for me to share very personal things about my life, which included highlights and dilemmas, and I was surprised with the response. Not only did she offer sound advice for the troubles that I was facing, but she also shared a more personal side of her as we continued to be friends at that time. I felt like she trusted me and that led me to my sustained attraction for her. I honestly do not how it did begin but I recall asking about the small things which included her favorites and her dislikes, common interests and family connections. Soon enough, we were talking about the personal aspects of our lives, which led to the mutual development of the feeling of care and concern for one another. It felt daunting to trust someone I did not quite know that well from before with my own thoughts and feelings. I believe, just as the approach suggests, that in the process of disclosing information we lose our anxiety and that social barrier that divides us from strangers. Once we are affirmed that they would share personal information, a two-way relationship exists.

One real important insight that I have learned from this process is that in the works of you revealing yourself, you are rewarded with an even clearer and greater picture and image of let’s say a place or a person. Just like the Golden Gate Bridge, that may look so ordinary from afar, is actuallly spectacular in terms of aesthetics up close. It can be also be noted that the more information you discover about someone you admire or are attracted to, the more beautiful you realize that person is. I guess it is the effect of our attraction, trust and reciprocity that we fall for certain people.  I also believe this is how we determine who is compatible for us or not, the mere fact that we choose to disclose information with certain people, is a valid sign that we are ready to be comfortable with them. It is always rewarding to see what they say in return.

In my case, for this city, it showed me two things.

1. How beautiful the people, the different places, and the culture San Francisco had shown me that left me dumbfounded to think that this city is not considered astonishing by some individuals namely my relatives, because it is a beautiful sight.

2. That in order for a relationship to function and bloom in terms of this aspect, one has to give up his social defenses, his ego, and his shyness to be able to communicate to the person on the other line. Again, we are rewarded at times by the response we receive. Sometimes we don’t get any but there are also those times when we get that resounding approval from them.











Sources : philhawkinsphoto.com


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Anxiety and Social Exclusion

GuangzhouThe most challenging moment I had in grade school was my immersion trip to Guangzhou, China with some of my batch mates in Grade 7. This was my first time to travel without my family and to be away from them for a period of time (2 and a half months). Adding to that, China is a complete change of scene from the Philippines making me feel very uncomfortable, lost, and anxious of what lay ahead of me. We were divided into groups, randomly chosen by the coordinator, in its goal to help us learn how to communicate with one another and to help each other especially in a foreign country. That did not bode well with me. It made me anxious and scare and at the beginning troubled me at night that I could not sleep properly and or take my homework seriously while I was there.

But for some reason, a part of me wanted to know who my group mates were even if I was scared that they would judge me for being shy and quiet. Based on the biological approach, all humans have a strong need to belong to groups and to be in relationships especially when comes to survival. In every aspect of this journey, it was about learning to be independent away from our parents, learning the culture and customs of the Chinese, and most especially meeting new people and in the common interest of surviving this long trip away from home, becoming friends, teammates, and hopefully brothers who would care and identify to a common group/family.

At the start, it was almost impossible for me to integrate myself in the group. They were not minding me and not talking to me much and this greatly distressed me. I did not know how to deal with it so I decided to skip a full day of school, just excluding myself from all the activities that my group was to do for the day. In fact, I then remembered multiple instances when I did not work well in group works in grade school. Although I did not receive any concrete message that they did not like me, I always thought that there was something wrong with my social skills. I always assumed that I was the reason why our group would get a low grade or even why my group mates did not get along with each other. I believe that I carried within me this thought of social rejection and it made me distant even until that moment abroad with my group mates in Guangzhou.

I honestly did not know at that time what to do or what to say but I thought to myself that I needed my group to survive the remaining days I had in China. I tried it out again the next day, fresh from the whole day of isolation. I tried to talk to my roommate who was my group mate. At first, it made me very anxious to start a conversation with an individual I did not really know well. Surprisingly, that was the moment that propelled me over my fear of social contact. We became best of friends, and in turn, I found out that my group, would then become my second family from home. It was a matter of breaking the ice that got me going and apparently made me smile more which made me look approachable.

This experience in Guangzhou brought me out of my shell. It showed me that isolation and excluding oneself from society would lead to detrimental effects to our health especially our mental physique. It would severely dampen our performance in school and even our outlook in life. Moreover, I thought to myself, if i continued on with being anti-social, I would be a big burden to my group and this would cause us time and effort in trying to hurdle the obstacles during that trip.

Guangzhou was an encouraging example of how I could overcome these battles with myself that involved breaking certain mindsets that prevented to grow holistically. Yet, it also reminds me that social rejection is always around the corner. Whether it be presenting a public speech in class or dealing with your org mates in school, there is a fear in me that somehow a person will not enjoy what I would say. I guess we are not completely free from the anxiety of being socially rejected as we try to befriend and understand the individuals that surround us, especially in a new environment like U.P. Which reminds me of a place I went back in Grade 7.




Source : http://landscapearchitecturemag.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/gz_shangkiajiusq_60130_mcdonald.jpg

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Striving for Superiority

Striking New York

Bustling New York

I visited this wonderful city, compact with tall skyscrapers and filled with citizens from different races, when I was only 7 years old. I was taken aback by how this city operated 24/7 smoothly and continuously. Each and every person in this city, unknowingly complimented each other as they focused on their roles and their professions, striving to be the best in their field, amidst the struggles they would normally encounter. New York to me, was the perfect example of my dreams fulfilled , a living reminder that anyone including myself could reach for the highest possible standards of a goal and succeed in life. Although, I could really feel the sense of inferiority and that feeling of being so small and minute in this city. In my childhood, I was a very shy and timid boy. I did not know how to socialize and to converse with my classmates and what more, with random strangers. It became a problem of mine because it made me feel so inferior to the people around me who did not have a hard time being themselves in front of other people. I believe this particular instance is where I noted this weakness of mine, of being shy and sometimes scared to face the public. I was always looking for refuge with my parents, as I depended on them to calm my nerves and to overcome this anxiety.

This inferiority has caused me to shy away from gatherings, to say no to decisions like studying abroad and even losing contact and intimacy with my family members whom I am shy to share my life with. For the most part, this is very evident in the first example. In the span of my childhood years from grade school to my adolescence in the middle of high school, I did not want to interact so much with other people. Although this decision made me comfortable with myself for the meantime, I noticed that it created such a big void in me, missing out on certain occasions, and being deprived of social interaction which I now believe is integral in human personal development.

As the title suggests, this is a psychoanalytic approach (Adler) to my behavior. I want to note this down that I believe that to succeed in life, one has to be overcome certain struggles. My struggle is to get out of my shell, to express who I am confidently to the people around me. I would want to make a mark in society and I can not quite make that happen if I am scared to present what I believe in and eventually show how I can change society with those beliefs. My goal is to become someone successful and trusted, in either the field of business or medicine, I have yet to make up my mind. However, I believe that in whichever path I choose and decide to settle for, that career should affect others positively. This career should improve or save lives, a thought of mine that I want to accomplish since way back when I was 7. It would break my heart if I would work and focus on the material things in life for my own sake because this is very selfish and very conceited, a great neglect for the welfare of other people. None of these adjectives describe me. This would put me back in that phase of inferiority that would make me feel like being caged and enclosed in a small space,  failing to make a difference in society, failing to strive for superiority. It is my dream, just like most of the people in New York, to be who they are and in the process overcoming the struggles that life would throw to us.

New York is a living reminder that it is possible for me to overcome this lifelong struggle with being shy, with being selfish. All my functions follow this direction, of finding a solution to the root of my weaknesses and personal problems. I hope and I believe I can overcome these.

Source: www.vintag.es



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Traveling through Landscapes (Psych 150 Self-Journal Introduction)

introduction pic 1


This Self-Journal will contains experiences I’ve had that showcase who I am to myself and to the people around me. In short, the series of journal entries that you will read will be a glimpse of who I am as I try to explain these specific circumstances in my life and show the rationale on why I act, think, and behave in this manner using personality theories and concepts I learned from Psych 150.

There’s a creative twist to it though. Traveling through Landscapes, as the title suggests, will have pictures of places i’ve been to which I believe will better relate my feelings and personal experiences to the concepts and reasons behind them. Additionally, these places are significant to me in such a way that somehow they are tied to my dreams, aspirations, feelings at that time, and ultimately, who I was at that time and how it contributed to the entirety  of who I am right now.

The concepts that I will delve into are concepts from the psychoanalytic approach, the biological approach, and the humanistic approach. The reasons why I chose these concepts is that I believe that they fully describe what what I felt at that moment and how these experiences play a great role in my life. That role could be seen as reminders of why I choose to do certain things and why I choose to believe in certain thoughts as well. These approaches allow myself to convey the message to you, the reader, of how I am and why I am.

Feel free to read all of them, as you will embark on a journey from New York, San Francisco, Guangzhou and finally to Istanbul, Turkey. Cheers!




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Final Assessment

1. I have chosen cloning humans as the moral issue at hand currently in our world. Based on what we have learned in class, I believe that we should take road of caution in the issue of cloning humans. Although we are unsure if a human clone contains a soul or an identity similar to our own, we should always take precaution into thinking that they don’t have any purpose to live except to be of donation purposes just like the example film shown in class, “Never Let Go”. As I have realized in class, Human Cloning shown through the movie takes an emotional toll on our psyche. Personally, my views of agreeing fully to cloning animals have been shattered after much realization that practicality and this scientific breakthrough is a flaw in itself. In such manner, I have used practical wisdom to investigate on such dilemma. Although this human cloning may look very remarkable on paper and at its feats, one that does not consider the inner remarks of the individual with a clone and the clone himself/itself. Hence, it is only through experience that one can discover where the worth of it all is truly put to use. Moreover, if it truly results birth of new life through replication, this goes against our belief that God Himself is the sole owner of life in which He decides and gives this privilege, this blessing unconditionally and most of the time, only once to a human being. It is safe to say that cloning animals is a wrong act that we should not do.

2.) As mentioned, this act could be considered sinful because it can violate the conditions for one to become an action of sin. It is in our freedom to choose to replicate our genes for the practical purposes for humanity. However, it can cause severe harm to the community as it is through this action and what we act on the result (organ donation, “imprisonment”) is considered a violation of human rights and the right for one to live. A soul is given freedom to live as he intends to, and a soul is also pool for emotion. Emotion is considered to be the internal connection between humans and if we fail to see this factors, we are not only violating their rights, but our rights to freely give response through emotion to the human clones. Thus, this act is considered sinful given that is can cause harm to the society with our freedom to commit such act.

3.) I believe I would be a Moral Rationalist because I have taken note both the General Situation in respect also to the Particular Situation of “Cloning human beings”. I first thought much like a Relativist knowing that it would depend primarily on the intention of the action. Although some may say it is much similar to Euthanasia and Abortion wherein the life of the Living can be considered as the first option, i believe getting organs from a clone who is perfectly healthy and fine is somewhat crossing the border of consideration and acceptance. It is in our knowledge that having the authority of creating life is wrong and sinful, which then validates that it is much grave if we also destroy life and take it away from a being. Hence, through careful consideration and with the use of my moral compass, I have judged carefully that this act should not be permitted in the circumstances even if it can bring life to many of the frailing.


Dude, I believe that you should not clone yourself for the sake of your dying mother. I was told that you were to take the organs from your clone to give to your mom, but you should really consider the human clone. Through the use of my practical wisdom, we should be cautious in the actions we intend to do. Through the road of caution, we should always assume that this human clone has a soul and we definitely put priority to human life. Even though you may think your mother may need it, I believe the burden you are to be left after killing your clone will take atoll on you. This emotion and situation will always leave a big mark on your life, in which in the future you may reminisce it in regret. It is in God’s will that your mom’s fate is but i do suggest to find the alternative ways in which Science can offer and in which God would truly suggest you to take, for the sake of your Mom and yourself. Don’t do this for humanity, but do this for your love of Your mom, of your Family, of your Clone, which are all the connection of love you may have with God.

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are already a part of our lives. Concerns about their impact on health and the environment are countered with claims of advantages such as increased production, less chemical pesticides and increased nutritional value. As the concerns and controversies continue, so does the production of GMO plants, animals, microbes and yeasts.

What do you think the GMO’s give to your life?  Gmo’s offer a new utility for enhanced taste in food. However, it comes with a cost. GMO’s critics claim that these Organisms cause harmful effects in our bodies especially from the poisoning that happens in our body. These pesticides used on the plants may greatly affect the chemical structure of the plant, which in turn, may lead, to the dissolution of good cells in our bodies.

I stand against GMO! it is not only detrimental to our body, but only nature can create the real taste of happiness in life

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Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and the related compound butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are phenolic compounds that are often added to foods to preserve fats.

Molecular Formula

BHA- C11H16O2 which can come in white or yellowish waxy solid

BHT – C15H24O which comes in a white powdery form

BHA and BHT both are antioxidants. An antioxidant protects fat from oxidation, which would further affect the freshness of fast moving consumer goods. Similarly, these preservatives can act like Vitamin E in cosmetics and make-up.

BHA is found in butter, meats, cereals, chewing gum, baked goods, snack foods, dehydrated potatoes, and beer. It is also found in animal feed, food packaging, cosmetics, rubber products, and petroleum products. Meanwhile, BHT can be found in packaged goods which would preserve food odor, color, and flavor.

I believe the use of preservatives should be taken into consideration. Health would come into the picture. Liver Enzymes would put into risk your health and hence make you watch the food you eat, the opposite of the purpose of why manufacturers use preservatives. This is to maintain freshness and the quality of the food.

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